Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)


Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

One aspect of the Voorhees College Organizational Management Program admissions process is a meeting with the director regarding Credit for Prior Learning. The purpose of the session is to give an estimate of the hours one might earn from the portfolio assembled while in the program. The maximum number of hours possible cannot exceed 15. 

Portfolio Credit for Prior Learning must:

  • Be documented learning, not just experience or exposure. 
  • Be college-level learning. 
  • Not have resulted in any other college credit.

CPL may come from the following sources:

  • Learning from work situations. 
  • Learning from seminars, professional licenses and/or workshops. 
  • Learning from military schools or experience. 
  • Church and community learning. 
  • Learning from family, marital status and/or children. 
  • Learning from travel, hobbies and/or sports.