Cultural Enrichment

A well-rounded education doesn't end in the classroom. It extends to the rest of our Voorhees College community, to the dancers and dramatists, novelists and historians who regularly visit our campus.

Over your four years at Voorhees, you'll have the opportunity to sample traditional and modern culture. You'll have the chance to hear from people from a diversity of ethnicities, backgrounds and religions. The speakers often will challenge your thinking in various ways. Sometimes they'll change your mind. Sometimes, reflecting on their words will make you stronger in your own philosophies and beliefs.

It's all part of the Voorhees College Cultural Enrichment program through which you'll earn 72 hours of credit over your four years by attending presentations on campus. The program also includes attendance at college-sponsored activities such as convocations, chapel services,  assemblies and other programs. Annual activities that all students are required to attend include fall convocation (September), Founder's Day (April) and Honor's Day (April). A calendar of required activities is provided for students at the beginning of each semester.