By earning an accounting degree at Voorhees College, you'll prove that you have a firm grasp of accounting concepts and generally accepted accounting principles – skills that any business, regardless of its size, values. 

You'll become versed in taxation theory and in the practical applications of preparing documents for individuals and businesses. You'll study cost accounting and learn how to apply the concepts to help businesses make the best decisions about where to devote scarce resources.

You'll also begin to prepare for the certified public accountant's exam, a key credential that earns you entrance to a number of jobs in the public and private sectors. 

The goals of the Accounting major are to:

  1. Provide the graduate with an excellent background for a variety of alternative careers in the accounting profession, as the current curriculum provides the foundation for employment in the public, private, governmental, or other not-for-profit sectors;
  2. Provide the graduate with the educational prerequisites required for the certified public accountant examination, certified internal auditor examination and a host of other professional titles related to accounting and taxation; and
  3. Provide the graduate with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and background to successfully pursue graduate studies in Accounting, Business Administration, Hospital and Healthcare Administration, Law or any graduate program to which Accounting provides an excellent educational background.

The major in Accounting requires: 

  • 50 hours of General Education courses
  • 48 hours of business core requirements
  • 3 approved hours of general electives
  • 24 semester hours of course work in Accounting.  

A minimum of 125 hours are needed to graduate.