Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


The goals and objectives of the Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences are:  

  1. To equip the student with the appropriate knowledge, skills and background to pursue careers or graduate studies in criminal justice, sociology, mass communications, child development and english;
  2. To demonstrate knowledge of current issues, mass media, analyzing social data, philosophies and theories in the fields of criminal justice, sociology, and mass communications;
  3. To demonstrate knowledge of major authors, major works, themes and skills in thinking and writing critically about literature and its role in the development of cultures; and
  4. To demonstrate an understanding of the growth and development of children, the learning process of problem-solving, hypothesizing, social skills and to promote infant/child development learning.


Child Development
Criminal Justice
Interdisciplinary Studies
Mass Communications
Theological Studies

Department Faculty/Staff

Adra Barrows, Assistant Professor of French
and Literature
Dr. Leland Barrows, Professor of History

Dr. Tywana Chenault, Assistant Professor
of Psychology
Ann Freeman, Assistant Professor
of English and Education

Dr. Diane Hulett, Assistant Professor
of English

Jayme Bradford Kinard, Assistant Professor
of Mass Communications

Dr. Lugenia Rochelle, Assistant Professor
of English

Pamela Small, Assistant Professor
of Child Development

Lionnell Smith, Assistant Professor
of Speech

Dr. James Yarsiah, Instructor of
Religion and Philosphy