Child Development


Child Development Program

The Child Development Major is a non-certification B.S. Degree Program.  The purpose of the program is to provide a vehicle for educating childcare workers and their supervisors in methods of high-quality programming and a belief system that demands positive outcomes for the development and learning of children from birth to age 5.  The degree prepares graduates for positions of responsibility and leadership in Head Start Programs, childcare facilities, private preschools, and family childcare.  It can also serve as a base for a Master of Arts Degree Program in early childhood or elementary education for certification, enabling candidates to teach in schools as well as have master’s degrees.

The degree has two pathways: the regular pathway by which the Child Development student starts his or her freshman year at Voorhees College and follows the suggested curriculum to graduation and the pathway by which the student passes through the Associate Degree Program in Early Childhood at the Technical Education Centers in South Carolina, it being the base, and then completing the remainder of his or her courses needed for a four-year B. S. Degree in Child Development at Voorhees College. The Associate Degree pathway is frequently called the Two-Plus-Two Degree Program.

The criteria for completion of the degree program:

  • Completion of all courses and required practicums;
  • An overall average GPA of 2.5;
  •  A cumulative GPA of 2.7 in education and child development courses at Voorhees College;
  • A score of “2” or above on the Dispositions Survey;
  • A score of  “2” or above on the rating for the 
  • Professional Portfolio;
  •  A “B” or better on the final practicum (Student Teaching); and 
  • Completion of the application for graduation.

Child Development Curriculum

  • *50 hours of General Education courses
  • *67 hours of professional education and child development courses
  • *12 hours of electives

 The total curriculum has 123 credit hours.


Associate Degree in Early Childhood                    66 or 67 Credit Hours
Additional Courses for the Degree Program         62 Credit Hours

TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS                              128 or 129