The goals of the Sociology Major are to:

  1. Offers learners a rigorous and intellectually grounded understanding of the social world and develop theoretical and analytical skills to evaluate and conduct social field research and analysis.
  2. Offers learners a curriculum that is dedicated to building the students’ sociological knowledge and skills that are applicable to a broad range of settings including the public and private sectors, and especially, in the pursuit of graduated studies and professional work in sociology, law, social work, urban planning and development, public policy, education and other related fields of employment.

A major in Sociology requires: 

  • 50 hours in General Education program classes
  • 30 hours of core Sociology courses
  • 24 hours of Social Science classes
  • 12 hours of restricted electives
  • 6 hours of general electives.

A minimum of 122 hours are needed to graduate.