Emergency Management


Emergency Management

The goals of the Emergency Management major are to: 

  1. Prepare graduates to meet the demands of the 21st century in the field of Emergency Management, by making sure students are prepared for numerous careers in emergency management, hazardous material management and other related fields, as well as, graduate work in these and other disciplines (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery) through quality teaching by continuing to strengthen teaching and student learning in the major.  
  2. Prepare students to fill staffing needs of local, regional, and national employment sectors.  In addition prepare graduates to pursue entry-level employment opportunities in various fields such as local, state, and federal government emergency management;  law enforcement, private sector emergency preparedness, and continuity planning.

A major in Emergency Management requires:

  • 50 hours of General Education courses
  • 15 hours of courses appropriate to the major
  • 36 hours of Emergency Management Major Core Courses
  • 9 hours in restrictive electives
  • 15 hours in free electives

To graduate with the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Emergency Management, 125 semester credit hours are required.