Wright-Potts Library Collections

African American Collection

The African American Collection is comprised of print resources by and about African Americans. This prized collection is a multi-genre compendium that consists of historical, biographical, fictional and non-fictional content.  Open access to the collection is currently not permitted, as many of the volumes are out-of-print.  However, access to this room is available during normal hours of operation.  The Collection is housed on 2nd floor, Rm. 2  Please see any Staff member for access to this Room.

Audiobook / Audiocassette Collection  

The Wright-Potts Library maintains a minimal collection of books on tape and other audiocassettes. Audio and video collections are maintained in the media room which is located on the 1st Floor, Room 108.  Some items in this room are available for a 5-day circulation period.  Other non-circulating items may be utilized in the media room, during normal hours of operation.  Audiobooks are cataloged under the Library of Congress classification system and designated with the letters AUD, within the catalog. 

Circulating Collection

The circulating collection consists primarily of books in print format. There are more than  105,000 volumes in the print collection that are arranged utilizing the Library of Congress classification system.  The circulating print collection is located on the 2nd Floor which is designated as “main circulating” in the catalog.  A library-issued barcode (the equivalent of a standard library card) is required to check out circulating materials.  These may be obtained by students, faculty and staff upon presentation of a valid Voorhees College ID.  The loan period for circulating books is 4 weeks for all campus constituents.

 Compact Disc Collection

An audio CD collection that consists primarily of documentaries that is of historical, political and social significance.  A minimal number of classical music recordings are also included in this collection.  Most audio titles are indexed within the catalog and are indicated by the prefix “AUD.” Audio CDs may circulate for a 5-day loan period.

Course Reserves

Course materials placed on reserve by instructors are maintained at the circulation desk. Typically, these items are available to students in the respective courses for a three-hour period within the library only. At the discretion of the instructor, however, some course reserve items may be checked out of the library for a specified period. You may browse the available materials by clicking on “Course Reserves” in the library’s catalog.

 eBook Collections

Electronic books (eBooks) are those that have been digitized to provide 24/7 online access.  There are more than 408,000 eBooks accessible to Voorhees users.  These resources are readily available when using campus networked computers.  However, it is necessary to create an account from a campus computer, which will provide verification status for user access from remote locations.

 Government Documents

The Wright-Potts Library maintains a minimal collection of government documents published by the federal government.  There are print and microfiche records from several governmental divisions, including the U.S. Congress and the Department of Education.  The government documents collection is located on the library’s 1st floor, Microforms Room 106.

Microforms Collections

The library provides both microfilm and microfiche collections. Microforms are located on 1st floor,  Room 106.  The microfilm collection consists primarily of journal, magazine, and newspaper titles.  The microfiche collection contains Government documents, as described above.  

Newspaper Collection

 There are approximately 14 print newspaper subscriptions that are of national, state, and local coverage.  However, there are more than 1,400 electronic newspapers, representing the same coverage, located within the Access America’s Newspapers or Newsbank database subscriptions.  Current newspapers are maintained within the Newspaper Rack, located near the center of the 1st Floor Reading area.  Back issues of newspapers are maintained for three months and may be requested at the Circulation or Reference Desk.  

Periodical Collection

The Wright-Potts Library provides subscriptions to more than 1,000 general and discipline-specific periodicals in print and electronic formats.  The current issues of print journals and magazines are maintained on the 1st floor periodical shelves, arranged in alphabetical order.  Print periodicals do not circulate.  Bound back issues of periodicals are cataloged and shelved in the Reference area, 1st Floor.  Non-bound back issues are housed in the periodical storage area and may be requested at the Circulation or Reference Desk. A listing of print and electronic periodical titles may be viewed on the Periodical Holdings List, at the Reference Desk. 

Print and Electronic Indexes

The library’s print indexes are located in the center 1st floor shelving area.  The following indexes are maintained in this collection:  Book Review Digest, Humanities, Art, New York Times, Social Sciences, Education and Reader’s Guide.  Electronic indexes may be accessed within the Wilson databases. The electronic coverage is a continuation of the print versions, as well as many additional indexes.  

 Reference Collection

The Reference Collection is housed in the main reference area adjacent to the reference desk. This collection of non-circulating resources provide ready access to information contained within  dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, handbooks, guides, biographical and statistical sources, and more. Call numbers for reference books are prefixed with the letters “REF.” A wealth of reference information may be electronically-accessed within the many available databases. 

Video Collection

The Wright-Potts Library’s video collection is located in the 1st floor Media Viewing area, Room 108.  Some videos are available for a 5-day checkout period, while others may be viewed within the Room.  The collection includes educational videos in a number of disciplines, as well as classical and modern films.

Voorhees College Archives and Special Collections

The Voorhees College Archives consists of approximately 20 cubic feet of documents that primarily relate to the institution’s mission and history.  Archival resources are available for viewing by contacting the College’s Historian, or the Library Director.  The African American Special Collection is located in Room //// and contains more than ///// volumes.  A miscellaneous collection of other special items, deemed unique, rare, or institutionally-significant is maintained in Special Collections, Room 255.  Please inquire at the Reference or Circulation Desk for assistance.