Admission Information


To learn more about the requirements for admission to Voorhees College, please use the links below.

Information for Prospective Freshmen
If you are a high school student or graduate who has never attended college, you must apply to Voorhees as a freshman.

Information for International Students
If you did not complete high school in the United States, you should apply to Voorhees as an international student.

Information for Transfer Students
If you began a degree at another college or university but want to finish at Voorhees, you should apply as a transfer student.

Information for Transient Students
If you are a student in good standing at an accredited college, and you wish to earn credits toward that degree at Voorhees, you should apply as a transient student.

Information for Veterans
If you are a Veteran, you should apply for one of our special programs.

Information for Special Students
If you want to attend a few classes at Voorhees without being admitted into a degree program, you should apply as a special student.

Information for Students Seeking Readmission
If you have attended Voorhees before but have been out of school for one or more semesters, you should apply for readmission.