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The staff of the Office of Financial Aid is committed to assisting you and your family with finding funding sources to help with financing your Voorhees University education. If you have not already done so, let me encourage you to complete your Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) via FAFSA On-the-Web. Review this video on the advantages of downloading the APP on your phone. Download the Mobile App . You may access this site at 

How to Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) VIDEO

How to Create an Account Username and Password (FSA ID) VIDEO

  • Financial aid priority awarding deadline: March 1
  • School Code: 003455


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We have made the financial investment and commitment to remain on the cutting edge of technology within the Office of Financial Aid. As a result, we have reduced and/or eliminated the need to send you paper documents via U.S. mail. Our goal is to place our students and parents in the driver's seat of the financial aid application process. With a personal computer, you are just a few clicks away from being able to completely manage the financial aid process. Just as with online banking, all financial aid documents can be accessed, completed, and printed from a personal computer. 

Voorhees Universtiy Tiger Portal

You have the luxury of faxing or mailing all requested documents to our office.

Financial Aid Offer

Your offer of Financial Aid must be accessed via electronic mail. Should you decide to reject or reduce any part of the offer, email our office at to indicate which award(s) you are rejecting. Please speak with your financial aid advisor prior to make your decision. Your offer of Financial Aid is only an offer of financial assistance. If your award includes a Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, you will need to complete our online process. That process includes completing an online application and Promissory Note, for first time borrowers.  Returning borrowers who have completed a Direct Loan Master Promissory note with the college before, will not have to do another Direct Loan Master Promissory note.  Additionally an online Entrance Interview (if a first-time student borrower at Voorhees University) must be completed. If your award includes a PLUS Loan (parent loan); your parent will need to apply for the loan using our online process. Please note that the PLUS Loan is based upon the borrower's credit history. The amount shown on the offer of Financial Aid indicates only the amount of eligibility. It is not a guarantee of funds. The parent borrower will undergo a credit check and final approval rests with the lender.


The primary responsibility for paying for your education rests with you and your family. We are committed to assisting you in so much as you and your family's financial ability permits and the University's resources allow. Please understand that all financial aid will be applied to direct costs first to reduce/eliminate a student's indebtedness to the University. Refunds will be generated to students only after a student's indebtedness to the University has been satisfied.

How Much Will I Owe the University

To determine how much you owe the University, subtract your direct cost from certain financial aid offered (all financial aid offered cannot be included). A PLUS Loan cannot be included unless the parent borrower has applied for the loan and it has been approved by the lender. University Work-Study cannot be included because the funds must be earned after job placement. The University has no control over the student's potential earnings. Outside scholarships will be treated as a resource until the funds are received by the University. If you are a recipient of an outside scholarship, we encourage you to have the donor remit the funds to the University as soon as possible. You are liable to the Universtiy should any outside funds not be received by the University.

Contacting the Office of Financial Aid

If you use your Tiger Portal via the Voorhees University Web site, you can minimize the need to visit the office. Because of the volume of processing that takes place within the Office of Financial Aid, we strongly encourage students and parents to use Tiger Portal and complete the application process by our advertised deadlines - March 1 for the fall term and October 1 for the spring term. Our goal is to have aid applications completed and funds applied to the student's account by the beginning of the term for all students meeting our application deadlines and enrolling into their college programs and courses. Summer and the beginning of the term are peak processing times for our office staff. Filing your financial aid application by the priority deadline will prevent any unnecessary delays.

The Office of Student Financial Aid
Voorhees University
P.O. Box 678
Wright Hall
103 Academic Circle
Voorhees College
Phone:  803-780-1150
Fax:  877-228-0365

Jessica Griffith
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
(803) 780-1154

Loretta McCleod
Grants Coordinator/Financial Aid Counselor

Takillya Brown
Default Management / Financial Wellness
(803) 780-1155

Director, Financial Aid  
Augusta Kitchen
(803) 780-1159

Special Note:  Please check your Tiger Portal account periodically. All correspondence from financial aid will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address that was used during the FAFSA application process. Check your e-mail address regularly throughout the academic year.

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