The Mace


On official occasions of outstanding importance, such as degree-granting ceremonies or other dedications including the Convocation of the College, the Voorhees Mace is carried at the front of the processions. Presented to the College at the Founder's Day Convocation in 1976 by the Class of 1975, the mace was designed and fashioned by one of the world's most famous English silversmiths, Leslie Durbin. 

The mace is the symbol of the College's unity and authority. It was designed to depict the College's Seal, a symbol that is on all official documents. The sterling silver crown and pure blue and white enameled Ebenezer rock, around which is placed a half circular crown, indicate the difficulties. Extending from the shaft are two silk ropes of blue and white, the colors of Voorhees College. Placing the mace on its stand is a signal that the proceedings are about to come to order; its retirement indicates that the ceremonies are concluded. 

When not on duty, the mace is placed in the College's Archives.