President Evans joins other HBCU presidents at White House


President Evans joins other HBCU presidents at the White House

March 08, 2017

"This whole initiative has been most encouraging and productive. Senator Tim Scott and Rep. Mark Walker have collaborated and planned this amazing opportunity for HBCU presidents and chancellors to sit at the table where significant discussion is being held on the future of HBCUs as a viable and necessary part of American education. These insightful Republicans are not allowing political and party affiliations to deter them from focusing on the importance of our institutions and the work we do.

The conversations and comments have been so positive and set the stage for ongoing dialogue on the true American dream of educational opportunity and attainment.

The time is now for fresh perspectives and ease the path for upward mobility concerning the students we serve. No longer should the question of the relevance of HBCUs be asked, but rather the real question should focus on how could America effectively thrive without the presence of HBCUs.

I am truly encouraged and hopeful that the powers in Washington DC will provide the much needed financial and legislative support to make our institutions stronger and better." 

President W. Franklin Evans
Voorhees College