Sports management major hears from former NBA scout, MLB associate, and Nike marketing rep


Sports management major hears from former NBA scout, MLB associate, and Nike marketing rep

March 01, 2021

Antonio Williams, founder of A. Williams Basketball, a company that works to help basketball players (girls and boys) enhance their skill set to take their game to the next level, recently facilitated a workshop with the Voorhees College students of the sports marketing and promotions course.

As a former National Basketball Association scout for the Phoenix Suns, Nike sports marketing representative, Major League Baseball associate, sports analyst, and commentator for ESPN, Williams workshop focused on the relationship between sports marketing, recruiting, and networking.

Williams said he loved his fellowship with the talented Voorhees students. “The students asked very relevant questions and were engaged at a very high level. We have to continue to cultivate these great minds, foster their creativity, and keep supporting their endeavors as they make their respective contributions to the sports industry.”

Senior sports management major Kiara Johnson said she learned so much from Mr. Williams that let her know just how much she and her peers are needed more in the sports field. “He has taught me to go for what I want and do not be afraid to move around because you never know when your big opportunity will come. Another thing was to keep pushing to be greater at everything you want in life.”

Dr. Marcus Amos, assistant professor of sports management and faculty athletic representative, said the workshop was excellent because it exposed the students to the importance of networking. “The workshop taught them to utilize analytic strategies and the logistics of connecting marketing techniques to recruiting, as they continue to assess career opportunities in sports.”

Antonio Williams