Student Suites donates $50,000 towards the 300 in 60 days campaign


Student Suites donates $50,000 toward the 300 in 60 days campaign

July 02, 2016

Voorhees College’s 300 Donors in 60 Days Annual Fund Campaign raised $105,325. The purpose of the campaign, which began May 1 and concluded on June 30, was to raise a minimum of $50,000 by encouraging at least 300 donors, who had not given during the fiscal year, to make a contribution. Additional pledges were also made to the campaign. 
Alumni, faculty, staff, students, businesses and churches donated to the 300 in 60 Campaign.  The largest individual donation was made by Richard Davis of Student Suites who presented a check for $50,000 the during the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Living and Learning Activity Center.
“We are extremely thankful for the support from everyone who participated in this campaign. These funds will be used to support the institution and benefit the students who attend,” said Sonia King Gass, vice president for institutional advancement. “The new Living and Learning Center is a beautiful addition to the campus and we are extremely appreciative to Student Suites for their donation.”
The $3 million Living and Learning Activity Center has 32 suite-style dormitory rooms, bowling lanes, a theater-style room and an internet café.  It will serve as an activity center for students.  However, it can also host community events.  
“This new building adds to our institution by furthering the legacy of Voorhees founder, Elizabeth Evelyn Wright, which is centered on enhancing opportunities for college students,” said President Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr. “It is our hope that as the campus continues to develop, more students will choose to make Voorhees their home.”
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