Voorhees College held a faculty/ staff and student art exhibit


Voorhees College held a faculty/ staff and student art exhibit

February 22, 2019

Voorhees College recently held an Art Exhibit in the main hall of the Matthew A. Golson Humanities Building. The exhibit featured original artworks created by Voorhees College students, faculty, and staff.

The displays were sectioned off into student artwork from Art Appreciation, Art for the Classroom, and Introduction to Humanities classes. Education majors created art projects that can be taught to students in grades K-5 in subjects including: music, dance, religion, popular culture, foreign languages, and literature.

In addition, to further enhance students cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, child development majors created several projects, which they presented in exhibition form to heighten the awareness on how developmentally appropriate materials contributes to overall growth of young children. 

Farm Adventure-Felt and paper bags were used to construct people and animals to help

children learn about farm life.

Art Center –Consisted of a conglomeration of small ceramics figures, felt activities, spiral art, and finger paint string art to help students further develop their fine motor skills.

Reading Showcase –Students created a variety of colorful books both fiction and realism, which highlights family and early language and literacy.

Puppet Theater- A variety of puppet theaters were constructed by child development majors to enhance young children reading comprehension skills.

Stem Display- A display was set up to expose young children to Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers as specifically as it relates to technology (software programs), engineering (architect-building blocks), science (chemical science, life science gardening, and recycling).

Food Display- Highlights identifying healthy or nutritious foods which consists of balance diet. Fun foods puppet theater was created to help students identify healthy ingredients in commercial or fun foods. Example (pizza).

Another section of the exhibit featured "Recycled Art," including "Soda-bottle lamps," made from old 2-litre soda bottles and "Mason Jar Lanterns," made from old Mason jars.

There was also art displayed from the following distinguished Voorhees faculty and staff:

Dr. Lugenia Rochelle-large painting of flower and crochet
Prof. Adra Barrows-religious "Icons" painted on wood
Prof. Kari L. Williamson-original book of poetry
Librarian Mr. Daniel Peeler-photography
Priof. Matilda Dargan-read inspiring original "Dedication" poetry