Voorhees College mass communications majors intern for the SC Black Caucus


Voorhees College mass communications majors intern for the SC Black Caucus

March 20, 2017

Voorhees College junior mass communication majors Terrianna McCullough and Chantel Chandler were selected as interns for the South Carolina Black Caucus located in Columbia, S.C.

As a part of the internship, McCullough and Chandler identify the committee structure and functions of the house and senate, assist representatives and legislators with administrative duties, and sit in on house and senate sessions. In addition, they are assisting representatives in creating a bill that will lower the age limit required of a student in order to omit their parents’ income on FAFSA applications.

McCullough says the internship is going very well for her so far. “This internship has allowed me to build relationships with the other interns that gives me an experience of what the work force is like,” McCullough said. “Also, having an opportunity to contribute to creating a bill is an experience many people in their lifetime will not be able to say they’ve accomplished.”

Chandler said she does all she can to take advantage of external opportunities such as internships to help sharpen her skills. “I am currently exploring the legislative process that I believe will go a long way in my career after college because no matter what you do, you cannot escape politics,” Chandler said.

Some of the senators and representatives they have had the opportunity to work alongside with are Rep. Pat Henegan, Sen. Margie Bright Matthews, Rep. Joe Jefferson, and Rep. Jerry Govan.

At the conclusion of their internship, McCullough and Chandler will produce a research paper that will be presented at the state house on March. 23.