Voorhees Men’s Basketball Team seniors and coaches recap the season


Voorhees Men’s Basketball Team seniors and coaches recap the season

March 19, 2021

The men’s basketball team fought the fight during the opening round of the National Association Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)Men’s Basketball National Championship Tournament.

The tigers came home after taking on the Bethel College Threshers 79-82. The team said it was a great feeling to have had the experience to compete in the opening round.

This year’s basketball season started differently due to the pandemic, but the team made many strides and successes along the way. Toward the end of the season, the Tigers captured the 2021 Association of Independent Institution (A.I.I.) men’s basketball title with a 68-60 win over the College of the Ozarks Bobcats.

Head Basketball Coach Cabral Huff said that his first season here at Voorhees College has been an amazing testament of perseverance in overcoming adversity that he would not trade for the world. “When Ms. Johnson asked me during the hiring process about the obstacles ahead, I simply told her that we would be up for the challenge by stacking small wins each day to be one percent better.”

He added, “Many may look for turning points of a season, but I call them character points. Our character point was built on the road at Carver College in Atlanta, where we broke through by winning a close game. That game helped us achieve what we were able to accomplish this season,” Huff said. So when I reflect on this season, it is one of pride and excitement not only because of what this team was able to accomplish given the circumstances, but also because I know the foundation was built firmly on our principles of family, love, grace and being a star where your feet are planted.”

Senior forwards, Bryce Williams, Statan Levine, Willie Ferguson, and Jarvis Martin provide their outlook on the season and what they will miss most about being a team member.

Williams said the team was the underdog this season because they started the season late, had a new coach, and endured cancellations and rescheduling. “People counted us out from day one, but that only made us work harder. I will miss my teammates and interacting with them every day. We are a family, and I have truly enjoyed my time here at Voorhees.”

Levine said it was a different season, but he will never forget it. “I feel like the experience was a blessing, and the whole weekend our confidence was boosted. The tournament allowed us to bond more, and even though we did not win, we certainly go closer,” Levine said. “I will miss traveling, hanging out with my boys on and off the court, and building character as a team.”

Ferguson said the season was an excellent experience for him because the different changes of having a new coach did not set the team back. “During my basketball career here at Voorhees, I have won two A.I.I. titles, and to win the second one as a senior, is a great way to end. The NAIA championship was rewarding as well because we played hard and were able to shock the world,” Ferguson said. “I am going to miss my teammates the most and representing Voorhees on the court.”

Martin said due to COVID-19, the season was cut in half, and they faced a lot of adversity, but the team pulled together like they always do. “We made it to Kansas for the opening round, and we did exactly what we were supposed to do, and that was playing the game. We lost by three, so we did not make it easy for our opponents,” Martin said. “I will miss the practices, the fun I have with my teammates, and playing the game I love so much.”

The Tigers are already preparing for next season; as Huff said, he is excited about him and the rest of the coaching staff spending an offseason and preseason working with the team.  Huff concluded, “In that locker room in Wichita, Kansas amidst the feeling of coming up short, was the vigor of these guys to get back to it and get back to the NAIA National Tournament and win. So the goal has been set and we know what it takes to achieve that goal at a high level.”