Voorhees receives $20,000 in scholarship money


Voorhees receives $20,000 in scholarship money

January 31, 2017

The Tom Joyner Foundation awarded Voorhees College $20,000 to assist ten students with $2,000 each in scholarship funds.

The funds came from a partnership between the Tom Joyner Foundation and Allstate Insurance Company from the 2015 Quotes for Education Program in support of higher education and scholarship enhancements.

Frederick Keenan, Jamil Williams, Paula A. Smith, Denzel Bolden, Jaqueline Daniels, Janessa Wingo, Jewel Kluttz, Talyia Durant, Omar T. Odom, and Naimah Page were the scholarship recipients.

The scholarship will be utilized to pay for tuition, books, on campus housing and other campus-related expenses. 

Vice President for Institutional Advancement Sonia King Gass said one of her top priorities is to make sure students have the financial assistance necessary to continue their education.

“It is donors like the Tom Joyner Foundation that enable so many students to achieve their academic goals,” Gass said. “We need to continue to recruit more supporters and engage educational investments for the future of our students.