Voorhees student ambassadors meet with UNCF


Voorhees student ambassadors meet with UNCF

September 22, 2017

Voorhees College campus leaders met with Tanika Mangum, United Negro College Fund (UNCF) outreach relationship manager, to learn more ways on taking advantage of UNCF scholarship opportunities.

Mangum stated that many students miss out on the opportunity to receive financial aid because they are not aware or do not follow through.

“As leaders of this institution, if anybody should be debt-free, it is all of you. Take the time to research and apply for the various scholarships we offer,” Mangum said.

UNCF provides 400 scholarships to the 37 membership institutions. Because Voorhees belongs to this network, the institution receives various support from UNCF funded programs annually.

Mangum said that if students apply for scholarships, it is possible to receive more than one scholarship, which will further help students eliminate balances or decrease debt after graduation.

Following the presentation, Mangum had an Q&A to hear from students on how UNCF can reach the millennials and gave them tips on dressing for success and writing for the scholarship essays.