Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd inspires the Voorhees crowd for Black History Month


Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd inspires the Voorhees crowd for Black History Month

February 20, 2017

Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, former president of Alabama State University and former national president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., was the guest speaker at the Black History Month special event on Feb. 16.

Boyd delivered a message centered on the theme, “The Crisis in Black Education.” She said the purpose of the program was to celebrate and honor African Americans who made notable achievements in society from the past and present. She told the students that in this generation, they will break barriers that will allow African Americans to prosper and improve the situations of equity and equality.

Boyd said African Americans have not reached their goals yet and still have ways to go, but they must work together.

We find ourselves as African Americans in this country, still achieving a death beyond, still rejecting mediocre, still breaking new ground, and still turning new territories. We also continue to try and abolish old myths and stereotypes about black people,” Boyd said.

She discussed her childhood struggles with having to live in the projects and the stereotypes that were associated with it. Boyd also said how disgusted she was with some people’s mindsets of underprivileged kids who grew up and still grow up in the same circumstance as she did.

“Educating a child should not be thought of as a waste of time because every child has a chance to become something in the end,” Boyd said.

Boyd also said that it is going to take everyone to work together to make sure no child is left behind and that every child has a quality education. She stated to the students that Voorhees provides them the opportunity to receive a quality education and move on to become a leader.

“You are here at Voorhees College to ensure you are ready to meet the challenges of such a global society. The challenges will be overwhelming but lean on the resources the institution has provided you with and remember the spirits of our ancestors who got us here today,” Boyd said.

In closing, Boyd said that no matter how hard people work to put the black community down they will never succeed. “The number of opportunities we were denied are way too many, but we remember that we are strong, brave, courageous, and faithful people. When the black community is pressed down, they will always rise.”

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