New psychology major is off to a huge start


New psychology major is off to a huge start

September 20, 2016

Voorhees College’s new psychology program gains 16 students in the first semester of being offered as a major.

The process of offering psychology as a major was made possible by the leadership of Tywana C. Branch, department chair of business and professional Studies, along with the final approval from the board of trustees.

The program engages students in the study of behavior, mind, all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience, and thought. Current courses being offered are: general psychology, abnormal psychology, and the history and systems of psychology.

Kyari Sloan, junior, said she chose to major in psychology to gain a better understanding of people and how they process everyday decisions.

“I aspire to be a psychologist at a psychiatric ward, so it will be very beneficial to focus on mental diseases and processes as I matriculate through the program,” Sloan said.

Dr. Branch is excited about the direction the program is heading in. The department is preparing to implement a psychology club, which will allow students to seek membership into Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology.

Psi Chi is a society dedicated to recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology through encouraging members to conduct exemplary research, apply research findings, and maintain a lifelong interest in exploring the psychology field.

In addition, Branch is thrilled with the number of students in the major and she hopes to spark interest in students who have not decided on a major. 

"I get to introduce the wonderful world of psychology to my students and in so doing, upon their matriculation I'd introduce to the world of psychology, its newest practitioners,” said Branch.

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