Opening Convocation speaker encourages students to prepare for a new journey


Opening Convocation speaker encourages students to prepare for a new journey

September 11, 2018

Actor, song writer, singer, and pastor Clifton Davis advised Voorhees students on how to prepare for a journey they have never been on during the 122nd Opening Convocation.

Davis told the students to prepare for this journey, they must pack faith, food for thought, the abilities to fight their fears, trust in God, and take everything to Jesus.

He told the story of Abraham and how he was just an ordinary person who God ordered to go to a place he had never been, do things he had never done, and become something he could only dream. Abraham did just that all on the strength of his faith in God, and he became extraordinary.

Davis told the students that they were much like Abraham, being led to a place where only God knows the direction and we are at the exact place we need to be in.

“You may not be sure of your plan or how you ended up at Voorhees but God does. He brought you to this place for his purpose. God’s purpose is better than all desires, dreams and wishes. His purpose is fulfilling and has us going where he wants us to go, doing what he wants us to do, even when we don’t know where we are headed. God knows where we are going better than any Google maps or GPS, and he knows it long before we even start the journey,” Davis said.

He added that the way you prepare to let God lead the way is to strengthen your faith in God. To do that, it needs exercise just like the muscles in the body.

“When lifting weights, you cannot just jump right in and lift a heavy amount of weight. Sometimes you have to just start by lifting the bar and as time goes on, the bar will get lighter and you can add more and more weight to each side. The same is with faith. Start by lifting the bar and soon your faith in God will grow and obedience is the fitness program for faith,” said Davis.

Once you have strengthened your faith, feed your soul with the word of the Lord. Davis informed the students that word is the lamp under their feet and light unto our path showing us which way to go. When 

going places you never been, you need a guide and what better guide than God to point you in the right direction.  

Davis told the students that although God is leading them in the right direction along their journey at Voorhees College, it does not mean they will not run into some fears and obstacles.

“Even if you have the right preparation for college, every now and then, you are still going to run into an unexpected storm you were not prepared for. This is when you use your faith to fight your fears. Although you are scared through the faith, you will find the courage needed to overcome obstacles and succeed,” Davis said.

Davis said trust in God despite what the evidence may convey because he is always in control. Each and every step of the path way was led by the Lord. He organizes everything before he speaks it into our spirits.

Last but not least on this journey at Voorhees College, Davis told students to make sure they pack their prayer and praise. Prayer is lifesaving.

“When you can’t find the answer, pray. When you can’t find time, pray. When you have a reason to Celebrate, pray. When things are not working out, take it to Jesus. When you are going through the storm, feel like you can’t endure, suffering from medical problems, just take it all to Jesus,” said Davis.

Davis concluded his speech by reminding students to take what God gives them to go all the way.

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