President Evans gives keynote address at 123rd Opening Convocation


President Evans gives keynote address at 123rd Opening Convocation

September 24, 2019

Voorhees College President W. Franklin Evans expresses “There is No Place Like Home,” during the recent 123rd Opening Fall Convocation. His inspiring message about students taking time to build the best versions of themselves while at Voorhees, captivated the audience. 

Evans began with giving some expressions as to what people consider home. “Some people feel home is where the heart is, home is where you begin, or home is a feeling. No matter your definition of home, always be supportive of home.” 

He added Voorhees College is home and there are three rules students should follow at home. 

 The first rule is to appreciate home. “God predestined our lives and no student is here at Voorhees by mistake. While you are here and once you graduate you should appreciate the resources, time, and experiences of home.” 

He explained there will be times family disagree or have issues at home. “Voorhees is a family. Students, you all are here to get a quality education to be prepared for the professional world. Even when you have completed your time here, you will always have family back at home.” 

The second rule is to value your relationships with others. “Students, I encourage you to build bonds and work on yourself. ‘Iron sharpens iron,’ so in order to be your best you must surround yourself with the best,” Evans shared. 

He continued saying many of the relationships students establish in college last a lifetime. “Strengthen positive relationships but be careful of those disguised as positive. It may appear they are cheering for you, but they are really trying to throw you off your path.” 

The third rule is to respect yourself. “Home allows you to respect who you are and whose you are. God made each of you unique and nobody else can be you and you cannot be anybody else. I challenge all of you to operate with respect as the young professional you are.” 

Evans concluded with saying, “This is Voorhees College, there is no place like home. Figure out where you are going, but never forget home is where you came from.” 

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 President W. Franklin Evans