The Episcopal Church expresses gratitude to Voorhees president


The Episcopal Church expresses gratitude to Voorhees president

December 03, 2015

Denmark, S.C.-During a convention meeting held Nov. 14, The Episcopal Church of South Carolina presented a resolution to Dr. Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr. upon his retirement from Voorhees College. The resolution expresses the church’s appreciation of Sellers’ hard work and dedication to the community and Voorhees.

The church highlighted Sellers’ civil rights efforts during the Orangeburg Massacre, which led to his imprisonment for seven months, which was later pardoned 25 years later by the state of South Carolina.

Additionally, Sellers risked his life by leading endless protests against segregation and marching across the state of Mississippi to advocate for justice and human rights during a time when racial tensions were at an all-time high.

The resolution states that Sellers faithfully served as a board member of the Episcopal Church Foundation, warden of St. Phillip’s Church, which is located on Voorhees campus, and as president of the institution. The resolution also states that his life was one lived with courage, integrity and grace.

“My life experiences make me the person that I am today,” Sellers said. “I have the privilege to share my knowledge and education with our youth so they too can make a positive impact in the world.”

During Sellers’ eight years of presidency, he has achieved numerous recognitions and honors that brought more notability to the institution.

Some of these accolades include: becoming the only HBCU in South Carolina to offer emergency management as a major, graduating the first emergency management major in the state in May 2015, and most recently, having the first-ever Voorhees College student selected as an HBCU All-Star to promote President Barack Obama’s White House Initiative.

Sellers will retire from Voorhees at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.

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