The Voorhees Class of 2022 Legacy Dinner


The Voorhees Class of 2022 Legacy Dinner

August 10, 2018

Voorhees College held its annual Legacy Dinner to welcome the class of 2022 to the Tiger family.

The Legacy Dinner was an opportunity for students to connect with the administration, faculty, staff, and their mentors. The dinner was the first activity the mentors and mentees attended together. The purpose of the program is to allow transfer and freshman students to become acclimated with the institution and gain support from a dedicated staff mentor.

The keynote speaker was Alisha Sparks, a 2002 Voorhees College graduate. Currently, she serves as the elementary schools Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program manager at the Center for Educational Outreach at Johns Hopkins University.

Sparks said to the freshmen her nerves were just as uneasy during her first week of school as some of them must feel.

“I remember being uneasy because I was just a few days away from my 18th birthday.  I had to spend it in an unknown place with unknown people.”

She encouraged the students to take advantage of student support services and make good use of their time while in school.

“Student support services offers travel opportunities, counseling, free tutoring services, and other services to keep students on track. Also, they provide a chance to connect with upper classmen who can mentor and connect with you.”

Sparks said Voorhees is in a small rural town but students can still make memories.

“My best friend, who is here with me tonight, I met her more than 15 years ago right here on this campus. Our student body hung out in the Grove, joined clubs and organizations, and learned more about the community.” 

President W. Franklin Evans addressed the class of 2022 about the seriousness of attending classes and focusing on the overall goal, which is earning a degree.

“College is a time to have fun, but you all are here to receive a quality education that will equip you to go out into the real world with a competitive edge,” Evans said. “We create a nurturing environment at Voorhees that is different from high school. We have higher expectations of our students and are here to assist along the way.”

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President W. Franklin Evans shanking hands in the receiving line
Alisha Sparks