Two Voorhees students Win First Place in a National Research Competition


Two Voorhees students Win First Place in a National Research Competition

March 02, 2018

Voorhees students Keandre Johnson and Kimberly Eagle recently won first place for both their oral and poster presentations in a national research competition during the National Dr. Lonnie E. Mitchell Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Behavioral Health Summit.

The summit was sponsored by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration and held in Charlotte, N.C. Johnson led the presentation on the topic “Ethnic Differences of Drug Abuse in College”. In this study, 3,000 students across the nation were surveyed on their usage of marijuana, prescription opioids, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.

Among the findings, it was found that about 25% of African-American college students used marijuana while the usage among Hispanics and Caucasians was about 40%. In addition, the study found Hispanic females had the highest use of prescription opioids.

Johnson, a senior, is a biology and chemistry major from Charleston, S.C. She is a Career Planning Initiative ambassador, vice president for the Pharmacy and Health Club, choreographer for all-college worship services, and secretary for Golden Touch Organization.

Eagle did a presentation on “Alcohol Abuse in College Students – Ethnic Differences.” In this study, 2,600 students across the nation were surveyed and categorized as non-drinkers, causal drinkers, binge drinkers and alcohol dependent.

The study found that 35% of Caucasians binge drink as compared to 25% of Hispanics and 15% of African-American college students. African-American and Hispanic males drink more than females while Caucasian males and females mirror each other’s drinking habits.

Eagle, a freshman, is an emergency management and homeland security major from Augusta, Ga. She is a Career Planning Initiative ambassador.

Both Johnson and Eagle were accompanied by Faculty Mentor Joseph De Soto, MD, PhD, DSSc, FAIC, department chairperson for science, technology, health and human services.

“Our students take pride in their research and findings and it was displayed during the behavioral health summit. Both Johnson and Eagle have represented the department and Voorhees College well and now their research efforts can continue from a higher scope,” Dr. De Soto said.

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Left to Right: Keandre Johnson, Kimberly Eagle, and Dr. Joseph De Soto