Voorhees alumna won thousands on Wheel of Fortune


Voorhees alumna won thousands on Wheel of Fortune

January 04, 2019

Voorhees College 2009 graduate Anquanette Sterling recently won $16,700 on Wheel of Fortune on New Year’s Eve.

Sterling is a first-class petty officer in the United States Navy and serves as a naval instructor at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Miss.

She said she stood behind the wheel eager with her “I come to play,” attitude. Fortunately for Sterling, she was able to begin in the lead by winning $1,000 during the Toss Up round by solving the puzzle, “We the People.”

Later, Sterling managed to win a mystery wild card during the “Before & After” puzzle that was worth $1,000 per letter, which won her $3,000 for three correct Rs. Then she decided to flip the mystery card over to risk losing her $3,000 or winning $10,000. The card revealed $10,000.

After spinning six more times and buying vowels, she was able to solve the puzzle, earning her a total of $15,700. By the end of the show, she had a grand total to $16,700.

Sterling describes winning the money as icing on the cake, but the experience was the real jewel. “To receive a letter after auditioning to be a contestant, I did everything I could to make the show taping all the way in California,” Sterling said.

She said she has watched Wheel of Fortune since a kid, but the set is nothing like it looks on TV. “The set was small and so many cast and crew members were there to welcome and assist me,” Sterling said. She added host Pat Sajak and co-host Vanna White were very down to earth.

Sterling said her initial goal was to win a good amount of money and leave with a trip. “I may not have won the trip, but I won enough to accomplish both goals. However, I will use some of my winnings to take care of other business and add to my savings,” Sterling said.

While at Voorhees, Sterling was a member of the TRiO Student Support Services Program, the Voorhees College Cheerleading team, dance team, and Voorhees College Honors College. She also served as Miss Sophomore 2006 and Miss Senior 2008.

In 2009, Sterling graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Additionally, she earned a master’s degree in health informatics from the University of South Florida.

Sterling is married to Jerrold Sterling, who is also a Voorhees graduate, and they have two small children: a daughter Jada, and a son, Jerrold Jr.

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Anquanette Sterling
     Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures.