Voorhees alumnus choreographs for the Super Bowl LV pre-game show


Voorhees alumnus choreographs for the Super Bowl LVI pre-game show

February 10, 2022

Denmark, S.C. – Voorhees College alumnus Jamal Josef, will have his body of work featured during the 2022 Super Bowl pre-game show, Feb. 13.  Josef is serving as choreographer and artistic director of this project.

This year, The Divas and Drummers of Compton will be performing under Josef’s direction at the 2022 pre-game show. Earlier this month they were showcased on the Kelly Clarkson show. Josef helped choreograph the eight count that Derek Hough performed on the episode where a few representatives from The Divas and Drummers of Compton sat down to discuss the Super Bowl countdown. A snippet of the Super Bowl pre-game show choreography will be featured on Good Day L.A. on Feb. 11.

Last year, he choreographed The Divas and Drummers of Compton for America’s Got Talent.

Josef said he has been preparing for the Super Bowl performance since Jan. 4 and is excited to have more of a leadership role within his career.

“It is cool to be constantly evolving in what I do as a brand and as a dancer. It is great to take a step back and just allow so many kids that I work with to execute dancing. It is more than just learning a dance step. They are learning etiquette, timeliness and proper training and what it’s like to be professional,” he said. “When I choreographed for Beyonce for Coachella that was me choreographing seven sections. I wasn’t the head of that but this time I’m in more of a leadership role. It is challenging but it also allows me to grow in that way. It has been great to test and see my ability and growth.”

Josef said that he learned a lot from Voorhees College. “Most of what I do now, I was able to test and try at Voorhees. I’ve learned how to work with people, how to choreograph, coordinate events and develop my teaching style,” he said.

Josef will be speaking at Voorhees College for the black history program during a virtual segment on Feb. 24, at 11 a.m.

A high-resolution image of Josef is available at https://www.voorhees.edu/Content/Uploads/voorhees.edu/images/Jamal%20Josel%20headshot.png.

Jamal Josef