Voorhees baseball player batting average highest in the college league


Voorhees baseball player batting average highest in the college league

May 08, 2017

Voorhees College freshman baseball player Garrett Mack currently leads the nation in batting average for college baseball.

Mack,  who plays shortstop, has a batting average of .553,  and he is third in the line-up for the Tigers.

“It is such a good feeling to have the highest batting average, and it inspires me to reach the next level whether it is playing in the minors or majors. I love baseball, and I only want to get better each year and increase my batting average,” Mack said.

Mack has been playing baseball since he was a kid and said it was his stepmom, Bobbi Jo, who motivated him to do his best every game.

In April of 2014, Bobbi Jo passed away from liver cancer leaving Mack  so heartbroken and detached from the field, he chose not to complete the remainder of the season his senior year at Jay High School in Jay, Okla. Mack resumed his baseball career once he enrolled at Voorhees

Mack’s father, Donnie, said that his wife was the one who was at every game, pushed him to be the best player he could be, she and Mack shared the love of baseball, she was a big softball player herself. 

“When she died, it took a toll on him, but he eventually got back out there and I could not be more proud,” Donnie said. “He is a utility player who can play any position on the field, which will get him to the next level.”

Mack carries two “good luck” charms with him on the field he says  helps him to focus. One is a baseball pennant filled with Bobbi Jo’s ashes and the other is a green wristband that reads “Live4Tay.” He wears the wristband in remembrance of a family friend Taylor Filorimo, who also died from cancer at the age of 16.The Live4Tay Foundation was founded in memory of her to raise money for kids with cancer and assist their families with medical expenses.

Head baseball coach Justin Thomas said Mack gives his all in each practice, so when it is time to play, he comes prepared. “I know Garrett can go beyond college baseball and play in the pros. I challenge him to reach new achievements and develop his technique,” Thomas said.

Mack said he wants to be a bigger and stronger player with humility. “No one will catch me cheering or showing facial expressions when I make a good play. I remain humble and keep my mind on what I came to do,” Mack said.

Mack is a native of Goose Creek, S.C. and is a sports management major. He said enjoys playing baseball at Voorhees because it is a nurturing and encouraging environment.

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Photo cred: Ada Samonte