Voorhees celebrates its new official tagline


Voorhees celebrates its new official tagline

October 01, 2018

During the All-College Worship service on Tuesday, September 25, Voorhees College officially launched the institution’s new tagline, Voorhees: Begin. Believe. Become.

The keynote speaker for the event was Rev. Dr. Herman “Skip” Mason, director of library services and assistant professor. He addressed the students about how to begin, believe, and become Voorhees during their matriculation.

Mason said to the students they were destined to Begin at Voorhees to receive an education for a reason.

“This is where you all begin. God has placed each and every one of you at Voorhees for the purpose of earning a college degree. This is your God-given destination.”

He said now it is time to Believe in the purpose. Mason mentioned that there will be obstacles and challenges but you will rise again and continue on your journey.

“Everyone will talk about one another, but stay away from toxic and evil people and situations. They challenged and put down Jesus, but believe in yourself and surround yourself around positive-minded people.”

He added, your circle should be comprised of your biggest cheerleaders. “If those people are not, it is time to detoxify.”

Mason referred to Become as a frame of mind where you just do it. He said apply yourself to complete and graduate from Voorhees College.

“God uniquely created each person, so we should embrace differences. You are here at Voorhees College among a diverse group of individuals who should have the mindset of Nike’s mantra, ‘Just Do It.’ This means going to class, not making excuses, and being aware of all your actions while you are on this campus.”

He concluded that Voorhees founder Elizabeth Evelyn Wright began and believed she could become a founder of an institution that would educate young African-Americans.

“You are here because of her dream and her belief that there would be a Voorhees College. The time is here and this is your season to “Just Do It.”

President W. Franklin Evans said that it was Wright’s vision that inspired the new tagline. He said students should take their purpose for being at Voorhees seriously.

“Students chant the words, Voorhees: Begin. Believe. Become. In your minds and let these words be your guiding light. It is the hopes of our administration, that each of you begin here, believe in the mission of our founder, and become all that Voorhees stands for.”

Following the program, the students competed for giveaways with trivia question giveaways and cake was served.

For more information, contact the Office of Communications, at 803-780-1191 or at communications@voorhees.edu.  

Rev. Dr. Herman “Skip” Mason