Voorhees celebrates the end of Women’s History Month with Dr. T.L. Penny


Voorhees celebrates the end of Women’s History Month with Dr. T.L. Penny

March 30, 2018

Voorhees College received a message on change and transformation by motivational speaker Rev. Dr. T. LaTrell Penny at the closing program for Women’s History Month.

Penny spoke on the change and transformation that comes from people who encounter failures. She said it may get hard at times but giving up is not an option.

“Failing forward is the only way I can fail. Things can start off one way and end up another,” Penny said. 

She went on to provide examples of prominent and successful people such as Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, and Stephen King, who each encountered challenges and failures during their journeys toward success. 

Penny encouraged the students to continue working on their goals and dreams. She said mistakes will happen on the road to success but mistakes are the only way for someone to learn and grow.

“I can see greatness among the students of Voorhees College just by looking out into the crowd. Mistakes are just a small part to achieving success and means that you simply misinterpreted the moment,” Penny said.

Penny said dreams can be reality, but in order to achieve your dreams, you have to work toward them.

“Students work toward your dreams, and in order to work toward them, you have to wake up. Dreams must be turned into visions in order to come true,” Penny said. 

She went on to give an example of her own journey toward success by telling the story of her past in New York. Penny recalled being in an abusive relationship and being homeless on the streets of Brooklyn.

“These experiences are what brought my strengths and weaknesses to light and evolved me into the woman I am today. If I had to go back, I would endure the same tribulations I once faced,” Penny said.

She ended her speech with some encouraging words for the students. She said as college students there will be struggles, but no matter the struggle or pain, joy will surely come in the morning. “

LaShaya Clark, a junior majoring in sports management, said Rev. Penny was authentic and by revealing personal truths with the audience, she was able to connect.

“Overall, her message was enlightening. All negative things may not be negative in the end, and they are just as important as the good ones in your life. I know I did not get where I am today without the negative and positive experiences I have had,” Clark said.

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