Voorhees College history professor continues publishing and AP grading


Voorhees College history professor continues publishing and AP grading

June 16, 2017

Voorhees College Professor of History Dr. Leland Barrows recently had an article and book review published in “Comparative Civilizations Review,” and selected for the eleventh consecutive time to evaluate and score Advance Placement (AP) student free- response answers.

Barrows article, “The European Centre for Higher Education: A UNESCO Effort to Reduce Cold War Tensions and to Promote Co-Operation in Higher Education in Europe,” found on pages 70-90 is a reflection of his teaching career at UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education from 1983-2004.

He wrote about the efforts to promote co-operation among the higher education systems of Europe (which for UNESCO includes the higher education systems of North America, Turkey, and Israel) during and after the Cold War. The same issue of “Comparative Civilizations Review,” includes Barrows' review of “African Civilization in the 21st Century,” compiled and edited by Tseggai Isaac and Andrew Targowski (Nova Press, 2015) found on pages 144-149. The review reflects Barrows' background in African history.

“I am pleased to see both my article and my review published. Completing research and writing the article enabled me to diffuse some useful information about UNESCO's work in the area of higher education. It is my wish that readers will gain useful knowledge about UNESCO and contemporary Africa,” Barrows said.

In addition, Barrows served on the AP Development Committee with AP teachers and other college faculty from around the world as an AP reader. They administered and graded multiple-choice free-response AP exams that tested the students’ mastery of rigorous college-level coursework.                                                                                                                

“The reading draws upon the talents of some of the finest teachers and professors that the world has to offer,” said Trevor Packer, senior vice president, AP and Instruction at the College Board. “It fosters professionalism, allows for the exchange of ideas, and strengthens the commitment to students and to teaching. We are very grateful for the contributions of talented educators like Leland Barrows.”

After leaving Voorhees in the late 70s to teach and work in Romania at UNESCO for 21 years, Barrows returned to Voorhees in 2004 to teach African-American history. He has accumulated more than 500 professional development hours and 50 Continuing Education Units as the result of his work with the College Board.

For more information, contact Megan Freeman, director of communications, at 803-780-1191 or at mfreeman@voorhees.edu.