Voorhees College Men’s Basketball Team Serves the Community


Voorhees College Men’s Basketball Team Serves the Community

January 19, 2018

While on the road to play in Alabama, the Voorhees College Men’s Basketball Team decided to take advantage of an opportunity to do a community service project at the McRae-Gaines Learning Center in Selma, Ala.

Head Basketball Coach Derrick Mitchell, native of Selma, had the team surprise the students at the center, where Mitchell’s grandmother Sadie Moss is the director for a full interactive experience.

The team split up their time by assisting in the infant room, reading to the pre-k class, and playing activities with children in the auditorium.

Mitchell said the team traveled to play against the Stillman College Tigers and the Concordia College Alabama Hornets. He said he felt it was important for the team to find time to contribute to the community as well.

“These young men work hard on the court, but it is equally important to give back to communities, even if it is donating, rebuilding, or spending time.” Mitchell said.

Senior guard Demitres “DJ” Evans said he could tell the students were excited to see basketball players but needed time to open up. “You have to identify with the kids, and for me, that was discovering how much one of the students and I love Jordan sneakers. From there, we bonded,” Evans said.

Mitchell said he wanted to make the most of the trip to Selma, and it was important for him to share the history of the city. He said that most of his team had never been to Selma, and needed to know the importance of landmarks such as the Edmund Pettus Bridge, as a part of understanding Selma’s history.

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