Voorhees holds its 122nd Founder’s Day Convocation


Voorhees holds its 122nd Founder’s Day Convocation

April 15, 2019

Voorhees College hosted its 122nd Founder’s Day Convocation today with keynote speaker Dr. Henry N. Tisdale, CEO and president of Claflin University.

Tisdale delivered a message on the pride, leadership, and importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

He said Voorhees is a wonderful institution that gives hope, adds value, and changes lives. “Today, we celebrate founder Elizabeth Evelyn Wright’s vision and the pioneering spirits of her and Ralph Voorhees,” Tisdale said.

Tisdale said Voorhees’ leadership is comprised of faculty, staff, alumni, and those alike. He added, the Voorhees administration are in positions that allow them to be keepers of the institution. “You are each entrusted with educating the next generation of leaders. This becomes increasingly important as the significance of HBCUs continue to be misinterpreted,” Tisdale said.

He said Voorhees represents a great American success story. “Ask a Voorhees alum why Voorhees is significant. Alumni can attest to the impact and benefits of this powerful HBCU,” Tisdale said. “We have to consider the return on investment for HBCUs as we look at what alumni are accomplishing. Alumni need to say, let me tell you about the impact because I am a proud graduate of Voorhees College,” Tisdale said.

Tsidale referenced the South Carolina Economic Impact study conducted by United Negro College Fund (UNCF)’s statement that HBCUs make America strong. “There are eight HBCUs in the state and the projected lifetime earnings by graduates from these institutions is $5.2 billion. This figure is also projected to be 60 percent more than someone who does not have a college degree,” Tisdale said.

He said HBCUs due indeed make America strong. “I want all students here today to get your head in the game. Keep education and success in your daily routine and thinking,” Tisdale said. “Get prepared to live in a bigger world that extends beyond Denmark and what you see.”

Tisdale added, “At Voorhees, you are here to develop as leaders. We know and celebrate the rich history and record the institution has for producing great leaders. To become one, you will need confidence and risk-taking abilities to study the world and become change agents of the world,” Tisdale said.

He concluded with, “As you matriculate through Voorhees, be mindful of who you surround yourselves with. Everyone does not deserve a front row seat in your life. Love some from a distance, and use God to order your steps to achieve your dreams,” Tisdale said.

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Dr. Henry N. Tisdale, President of Claflin University
l-r, President W. Franklin Evans and Dr. Henry N. Tisdale