Voorhees receives more than $5,000 from Franklin United Methodist Church


Voorhees receives more than $5,000 from Franklin United Methodist Church

March 20, 2017

Voorhees College was presented a check for $5,000 during Voorhees College Day at Franklin United Methodist Church in Denmark, S.C. on March 19.

Mable Wright, chair of Franklin’s higher education committee, organized Voorhees College Day because she said Voorhees is a great asset to the Denmark community. “Many HBCUs are in need of help and with Voorhees being right in our community, I knew it was important to challenge our members to support the institution,” Wright said.

During the worship service, Dr. W. Franklin Evans, ninth president of Voorhees College, told the congregation four points that God wants us to understand. “The first point is God is still God and we are still his people. The second point was expect God to act in your life a different way each time. Never expect God to move the same way twice because what worked in the past will not for your present or your future,” Evans said.

Evans then said the third point was for people to move forward in their faith with anticipation and freedom. He concluded his points with the fourth one being God will do the impossible for you but you have to call on him and evaluate your personal situations. “Life comes with ups and downs but if you call on God in the midst of your troubles, he will see you through,” Evans said.

Rev. Minnie Anderson, pastor of Franklin, said she was elated to strengthen the church’s relationship with Voorhees and the church plans to have an annual Voorhees College Day event. “Once I charged Ms. Wright with organizing a Voorhees Day and she set a goal of $5,000, I had to stand behind her and support her. She not only raised funds but she succeeded her goal,” Anderson said. During the program, additional contributors from the congregation added to the total.

At the conclusion of the program, in honor Women’s History Month, Dr. Mary Sojourner, superintendent of Bamberg County School District Two, Leah Taylor, Voorhees College Board of Trustee member, and Rev. Anderson were recognized for their efforts in the community.

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