Campus Rules & Regulations


Issuance of Identification Cards (ID)
Identification cards will be issued to all students enrolled for at least 12 credit hours at Voorhees College upon the completion of registration. The camera equipment will be set up in the facility designed for registration during the week of registration.  Thereafter, the equipment will be placed in the Office of the Coordinator of Student Activities and ID pictures may be taken there. Students will be charged a $25 fee to have a lost ID card replaced.
A current ID card is valid proof of student enrollment. The $25 replacement fee assures that a student would not be subjected to multiple payments to attend college and student government sponsored activities during the year. It is used in registration, Business Office transactions, library and admission to athletic events. Keep your ID card with you. Whenever there is any doubt as to the identity of a student, it will be necessary for the student to show his/her ID card.

Students are encouraged to sign out when going off campus and when returning to the residence hall after midnight; students must sign out for all overnight visits. Students should leave information necessary to contact them in case of emergencies with the Residence Hall Director.

Campus Curfew Policy
The college campus curfew will begin at 2 a.m.  Females are not to entertain males in their rooms. Males are not to entertain females in their rooms.There will be no loitering on campus after 2 a.m.. Sitting in cars or the Grove area, males loitering around female dormitories, female loitering around male dormitories and other areas of the campus are prohibited.

Closing Hours For Dances
The closing hour for all college dances will not extend beyond 1:00 a.m., unless special permission is granted from the Director of Student Engagement in consultation with the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

Fire Regulations
Procedures to be followed in case of fire are posted in each residence hall and classroom building. Students are expected to follow these procedures for fire drills or in case of fire or other emergencies, and to observe the necessary precautions to insure the safety of themselves and other students at all times.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are provided for use in emergencies only! Any person tampering or playing with fire extinguishers will be subject to immediate disciplinary action.

Automobiles On Campus
All students are granted the privilege of operating an automobile on campus; however students are obligated to operate the vehicle within the rules established by the institution.

Conditions under which students may be denied the privilege of operating a vehicle on campus are:

  • Failure to register vehicle with security and displaying the vehicle sticker on the proper place on the automobile within five days of the beginning of each semester.
  • Failure to pay fines resulting from vehicle violations on campus. All fines must be paid within 15 days from time of violation.
  • Failure to comply with disciplinary action as a result of the violation of student code of conduct in which the vehicle was involved. 
  • Vehicle is involved in any type of illegal activity on or off campus.
  • Student becomes an habitual violator of motor vehicle rules and laws on campus.
  • Parading or parked on campus with excessive volume on car radio.
  • Allowing the vehicle to be used by others to gain access to the residential or any areas on campus after hours.
  • Failure to observe security check at the guard gate or at any place on the Voorhees College campus.

Things you should know about our Security Office:

  • The Security office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • The Security Office will follow your student handbook, in regards to school violations and disciplinary measures. 
  • Security will stop all driving campus visitation from off campus persons at 11 p.m. 
  • All students must have a college identification on their person at all times. When asked to show your identification by an officer, you must comply. If you choose not to, then you will be in violation of campus rules. 
  • Students and staff must have a valid parking permit, which can be obtained from the Security Office. Before the officer can issue the permit, it must be purchased from the Cashiers Office and then the receipt can be presented to the officer. 
  • All students and visitors must stop their vehicle at the stop sign by the security office on Porter Street. This will allow the officer time to check for college identification and see into the vehicle. 
  • If your vehicle has tinted windows, please roll down the window so the officer can see into the vehicle. 
  • Students who do not attend Voorhees College must leave their drivers license or college identification with the officer. Upon leaving the officer will give the identification back to you. 
  • Please park all vehicles in designated parking areas when in class or in your dorm. This will avoid the process of being issued a parking ticket on campus. 
  • All vehicles that enter Voorhees College Campus are subject to being searched if the officer has reason to believe a law is being broken. The officer must have probable cause to invoke this search. 
  • Security patrols all roads on campus, building and residence halls. 
  • If you arrive on campus after 11 p.m. and you are not driving, an officer will transport you to your dorm to ensure your safety. 

Search and Seizure
Voorhees College reserves the right to enter rooms for the purpose of search and seizure if there is probable cause to believe that:

  • A student is using a residence room for purposes that are illegal or contrary to college policies. 
  • Student's behavior would interfere with campus operation. 
  • A hazard to people or property exists. 
  • A search will be authorized by the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Chief of Security with the assistance of Security Officers and the Director of Housing and Residential Life.
  • A copy of consent to search form will be provided to the student whose room is being searched. A refusal to sign the consent to search form will not stop the search due to the probable cause that must be present to conduct the search.

Sexual Offense Violations (from the Student Handbook Code of Violations)
Sexual Harassment can be imposed by a male or female, by making unwelcome sex-related or sexual overtures, physical behavior or by displaying visual material that interfere or are intended to interfere with another persons work or study.

What does a person do to report this?

  1. Get away from the violator and go directly to a Security Officer. If you need additional support have a staff member or friend accompany you to make the report. Call (803) 780-1110 and an officer will come directly to you. 
  2. Tell the officer everything that was said or done to you, even if you think it may not be important. Also, tell the officer the number of times that you were harassed, even if it was on another date and time. 
  3. Write a statement about what happened and sign it. 
  4. Make your wishes known to the officer,. You have a right as a victim to report or not report the incident. 
  5. Remember by reporting the incident, you may be stopping another person from being victimized. 
  6. Know that there are people on the security team trained to investigate these matters and they can recommend a counselor, if needed. 
  7. The college will handle this through their Judicial Process as well. This is separate and apart from law enforcement. 
Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault (Rape) is defined as any sexual act forced on a person without their consent. This includes touching, fondling, any forcible penetration vaginally, orally or anally, with a body part or an object. The victim may be unable to give consent, which may include but not limited to, the victim's use of alcohol or a substance placed in their drink by the alleged student. It does not matter if the victim has consented to sex with the alleged student before, NO! MEANS NO!