Safety Annual Report


At VC, Crime Prevention and the Safety of Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors is Our TOP Priority

Safety Annual Report

The Voorhees University campus crime report can be obtained by contacting the Office of student Affairs, Campus Safety and Security, or the Office of Planning and Information management or click HERE for the 2022 Safety Annual Report.

Colleges and universities value highly the individual and collective security of their students, faculty and staff. This is not only because our institutions care about individual safety, but also because Congress has set many requirements for campus crime policies and reporting. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act(Clery Act), codified at 20 U. S. C. 1092 (I) as part of the Higher Education Act of1965 (HEA), requires that colleges and universities disclose policy information and crime statistics as part of a campus security report published annually by each institution. Institutions must also issue timely warning notices of crimes and maintain a daily crime log.

The Clery Act seeks to ensure that parents, students, and other members of the campus community are adequately informed about crimes on or near campuses, campus security policies and procedures, and what institutions are doing to keep concerned individuals informed. The law covers public and independent institutions of post-secondary education participating in federal student aid programs authorizes under Title IV of HEA. Failure co comply ca result in fines or loss of Title IV eligibility.

At the same time, the Act sets forth a complicated regimen. originally enacted in 1990 as the Student to Know and Campus Security Act, the law and its accompanying regulations have been the subject of a series of amendments over the past ten years. The Department of Education (ED) issued the most recent regulations, incorporating changes made to the Clery Act in 1998, on November 1, 1999. A Provision, modeled after Megan's Law, was added to the Clery Act a year later as part of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. This provision, effective October 2002, requires colleges and universities to include in their annual campus security reports information about where information on registered sex offenders may be obtained. Compliance with these complex and often confusing rules is critically important for colleges and universities.