Employee Recognition and Appreciation Programs


Employee Recogition & Appreciation Programs

Faculty of the Year

Selecting the Voorhees College Faculty of the Year is an essential part of the college’s ongoing commitment to
academic excellence. The Faculty of the Year demonstrates best practices in his/her discipline by a high degree of accomplishment in the​ classroom, as well as excellence in other faculty responsibilities including academic advising, service on college committees, and community service both on and off campus.

The process begins with each Academic Department Chair submitting the name of one candidate who, in the judgment of the Chair, has demonstrated the highest level of professional accomplishment for that academic year. The Chair will submit his/her selection to the Office of the Provost using two measures—the Award Criteria form and the Classroom Observation Summary. Once candidates are designated and evaluated at the Department level, the Provost will submit a recommendation for the Faculty of the Year to the President for approval. 

As the Voorhees College 2020-2021 Faculty of the Year, Ms. Alicia Davis, Assistant Professor of Accounting will receive a certificate of merit, a reserved parking space for one year, and shall be entitled to serve as the College’s Chief Marshal at all of the College’s formal convocations, including Founder’s Day, the Baccalaureate/Hooding Ceremony, Commencement, and the Fall Opening Convocation. Additionally, she will receive the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) “Excellence in Teaching Award.” According to the SCICU website, “Each year, SCICU recognizes and celebrates the best of the best with its Excellence in Teaching Awards. A faculty member from each of SCICU’s twenty member institutions is nominated for the award according to rigorous guidelines. The award recipients are honored at a special dinner in April and are each awarded a certificate of merit and a $3,000 professional development grant.”

Staff of the Year

Each year, a committee, appointed by the President, facilitates the process of selecting the Staff of the Year Award recipient. Upon the committee’s notification, the Vice President of each division submits the names of two (2) staff members, from his or her division, who exemplify the qualities and skills most desired for enabling student life and achievement on campus. Subsequently, the committee determines the Staff of the Year based on scoring of the holistic criteria the committee members are provided to utilize.

The College’s 2020-2021 Staff of the Year Award was presented to Mrs. Kimberly Smalls, Assistant Registrar during the annual Founder’s Day Convocation in April. Additionally, she receives for one year a reserved parking space and parking decal, and participates in the annual Homecoming Parade.    

Tiger ROAR Award                                                                                            

Receiving and giving recognition is critical to motivating and engaging the workforce. To that end, Voorhees College presents the Tiger ROAR Award each month to the employee or employees who demonstrate specific behaviors as determined by the vote of students, faculty and staff. By shining a spotlight on the attitudes and behaviors that define workplace excellence, we are reinforcing a culture of sustained employee enrichment that rewards teamwork, milestones, innovation, customer service, and more.

Mentoring is a powerful process and an effective approach in helping individuals in their development. It consists of a long-term relationship between mentor and mentee focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The best mentors demonstrate a willngness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise, exhibit enthusiasm, provide guidance and constructive feeback, and take a personal interest in the mentoring relationship. Based on these criteria, students, faculty, and staff have determined that Dr. Tywana Chenault, Chair of the Huamnities, Education, and Social Sciences Department and Ms. Takillya Brown, Default Manager/Financial Literacy Counselor provide excellent mentoring to our students.

Providing excellent customer service means going the extra mile in making sure our customer is happy and satisfied with the services we’ve provided. It is much more than “being a people person”. It’s not that this trait is outright wrong, but it’s so vague and generic that it’s hardly a help to anyone who takes care of customers. Fr. James Yarsiah, Chaplain/Vicar and Assistant Professor of Religion and Ms. Kimberly Smalls, Assistant Registrar exemplify four specific skills that we each should master in order to “WOW” the customers with with whom we interact on a daily basis...clear communication skills, ability to use positive language, being responsible, and empathy.    


MARCH 2020 -- AUGUST 2020   Tiger ROAR Award activities suspended due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Facilitating Student Success means doing what it takes ot make it less difficult for our students to achieve success; which is more probable when our students find meaning or purpose in their college experience—i.e., when they perceive relevant connections between what they're learning at Voorhees College and their current life or future goals. Dr. Tywana Chenault-Hemby, Chair of the Huamnities, Education, and Social Sciences Department, Dr. Zhabiz Golkar, Chair of the Science, Technology, Health and Human Services Department, and Mr. Adrian West, Dean of Students are wonderful faciltators of student success.

Creativity is an active process necessarily involved in innovation. It is a learning habit that requires skill as well as specific understanding of the contexts in which creativity is being applied. The creative process is at the heart of innovation and often the words are used interchangeably. However, creativity is about coming up with the big idea while innovation is about executing the idea. 

Tiger Pride is the sense of identity and community shared by the students, faculty, and staff of Voorhees College. Members of the College community can manifest pride in the exhibition of school colors in dress and decoration, in attendance at athletic events and campus activities, wearing College paraphernalia, or verbally in the form of chants or cheers.

Outreach & Engagement means supporting and assisting the College in establishing a culture of engagement and collaboration involving the exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of reciprocity with the citizens and institutions of South Carolina, the nation, and the world.