Phone Service


Each residence hall has a pay phone on its first floor, and many students rely on cell-phone service — Alltel, AT&T and Verizon Wireless work best on campus, though Sprint and T-Mobil are catching up.

Students also can order phone lines in their residence hall rooms from AT&T at their own expense. Basic service is $25 a month – long distance is extra – with a one-time installation fee that's currently $42.75. That fee can be divided among three bills.

To order service, fill out this form and return it to Michael Harper in his office on the 2nd floor of Massachusetts Hall. Your installation could be delayed if the form is not filled out properly.

If you have live Internet access you also can use services such as Vonage, Lingo or Skype.  You buy an adapter to use with a regular phone or a USB phone that plugs into your computer.  Rates run less than BellSouth since long distance is usually free.  However, quality varies with data traffic.