College Mission


Voorhees College is a private, diverse, historically black, coeducational, liberal arts, baccalaureate degree-granting institution affiliated with the Episcopal Church.  Located in rural South Carolina, the College serves traditional and nontraditional students primarily from South Carolina and the southeastern region of the United States. The College offers each student a comprehensive general education experience coupled with professional education in the values-centered liberal arts environment that supports educational opportunities designed to help prepare students to function in a diverse and increasingly technological society. Accordingly, the College seeks to produce highly qualified graduates who coalesce intellect and faith in pursuit of life-long learning, healthy living, the betterment of society, and an abiding faith in God.  

To forge this agenda for excellence, Voorhees College strives to achieve the following Institutional Goals:

  • To enhance students’ communicative, critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative skills;
  • To expand students’ general and professional knowledge bases;
  • To provide opportunities for the clarification of values and attitudes in a Christian environment; 
  • To prepare students for professional careers and/or graduate, professional educational opportunities;
  • To provide students with academic, cultural, social, religious and athletic programs that foster leadership and achievement;
  • To increase student-assisted faculty research opportunities and internships throughout the college; 
  • To incorporate measures of student achievement in documenting the institution’s effectiveness;
  • To recognize the achievements of students, faculty, administrators and staff;
  • To recruit, retain, and provide opportunities to develop an excellent faculty and staff within each area of the college;
  • To recruit, admit, and retain high quality students; 
  • To maintain efficiency and effectiveness of administrative services, institutional facilities, internal coordination and existing resources;
  • To increase the college’s revenues by cultivating and generating new sources of support;
  • To maintain fiscal stability by increasing and effectively managing the financial, human and physical resources of the College; and 
  • To enhance the quality of life in the surrounding community through a comprehensive rural community outreach program. 

Revised & Approved by Planning Council: February 18, 2010~Booker T. Washington Building

Approved by Board of Trustees~February 27, 2010~Charleston, SC