QEP Steering Committee


Dr. Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr.          President

Adra B. Barrows                         Assistant Professor of Reading

Samuel Blackwell                       V.P. of Planning & Informational Management 

Jayme Bradford                          Asst. Professor & Coordinator of Mass Communications 

Tywana Branch                          Assistant Professor of Psychology

Darrius Snow                             Student

Ann L. Freeman                         Assistant Professor of English

Lakeisha Germany                    Coordinator of Criminal Justice

Shante Johnson                        Student

Ronald Williams                        Asst. Prof. of Mathematics & Computer Science 

Timothy Kentopp                       Chief of Information Technology

Rekha Mathur                           Instructor of History

Doris B. Mattews                      Chair/Director of Teacher Education

Don Powell                               Coordinator Of English Major Program

Lugenia Rochelle                     Asst. Prof. of English/Div. Chair of General Studies

Voncille Savage                       Institutional Research Analyst 

Doris J. Ward                          Division Chair of Arts & Sciences

Bernard Moses (Chair)             QEP Chair; Division Chair of Business Administration 
                                              and Professional Studies