Health Services


Creating a healthy environment means doing more than offering educational programs and promoting good choices. At Voorhees College, the aim of the Health Services Department is to integrate healthy habits into the culture of campus life by supporting you academically, socially and personally. It's support that empowers you by giving you the tools you need to make healthy decisions while in college and beyond.

How do we do that?

Health Services has trained educators to teach you how to stay in good physical shape – lessons that will benefit you for the rest of your life. We offer information on common concerns, ranging from stress to the effects of alcohol. We provide services, ranging from minor first aid to referrals for more serious issues. We help you with screenings, whether it's an eye exam or a blood pressure check. All of this combines to form a package designed to focus on all the elements – mind, body and soul – involved in keeping the human body healthy. And we hope that package creates not only healthy students, but also healthy graduates for years to come.

Director, Health Services 
Suzanne Williams   
(803) 780-1077
Voorhees College
Halmi Hall (Office)
Denmark, SC 29042