The Student Health Center maintains a list of frequently utilized specialty providers in the area and can make referrals and help students make appointments. There are additional steps the student must take, though.

  • If you are using private insurance, check with your insurance company to see if a referral from a Student Health Center provider is sufficient or if you must first be seen by your primary care physician. For students from outside the area, this would be the doctor you regularly see at home.
  • Students from outside the area also will need to confirm that they have insurance coverage outside their home areas, and they'll need to check to make sure that the providers in the Voorhees community are part of the student's insurance network or health maintenance organization.
  • If you're filing a claim under the college's optional insurance plan, the Health Center staff will give you an insurance claim form. Subsequent follow-up visits to the outside provider do not require additional forms other than claim forms.
  • Be aware that your insurance may not cover all costs for outside providers and services. Students are responsible for the difference.