What can I bring?
You are welcome to bring a television, camera, radio, surge protector, printer and alarm clock. You also can bring non stick room decorations for walls. You'll need to bring pillows, sheets and blankets, mattress pads or covers, cleaning and laundry supplies, laundry hamper, towels and wash clothes, toiletries including toilet paper, shower shoes, hand sanitizer, disinfection spray and a desk lamp. You'll also need school supplies. We recommend that you bring a flashlight and an umbrella. Most of our rooms are not carpeted, so you might want to bring a 6x9 or 5x7 rug. You cannot bring anything with an open flame to include candles, incense, or open, coiled appliances such as space heaters, toaster ovens, George Foreman-type grills or hot plates.

Are the rooms equipped for cable television?
Yes, the rooms are equipped for cable television. We recommend you bring a cable splitter.

Can I bring a refrigerator/microwave?  
Refrigerators no larger than 3 cubic feet are permitted in rooms. Small microwaves (700 watts or less) are also permitted.

What about computers?   
You are welcome to bring your own laptop. All rooms are equipped with wireless connection. You can contact the help desk at 803-780-1201 if there are connection issues. Computer labs are available in each residence hall.

Are pets allowed? 
Absolutely not.  Many students are allergic to animals. 

How will I receive mail?  
Voorhees has a campus mail room open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will be issued a mailbox number and key, which you must keep for the entire school year and return to the mail room supervisor at the end of the spring semester. There is a $25 replacement for a lost key. Your mailing address will take this form:

For Regular Mail:
Joe J. Brown
P O Box 678
Personal Mailbox Box #
Denmark SC 29042

Gail G. Brown
213 Wiggins Rd
Denmark, S.C.29042  

How do I apply to live on campus?  
All full-time students (freshmen especially) are expected to reside on campus. A housing application will be sent to you in your admission packet and also can be found on the website under the Housing and Residential Life section. Once you return the completed form with the required non-refundable $75 deposit, we will begin the housing process. You will receive your room assignment when you report for the fall or spring semester. 

Can I change my room assignment or request to live with a friend from my hometown? 
All room assignments are given to you upon check in will remain until registration is complete or during the 3rd or 4th week of each semester. You will need to seek assistance from your Residence Coordinator or Resident Assistant if you would like to make a change.  Coming to college is a time for students to foster new relationships and learn as much as possible.  Living with someone you already know could hinder these new relationships, so it is discouraged.  However, each request/situation will be looked at on an individual basis. Our mission is to make you as comfortable as possible. All room changes are approved by the Director of Housing.

May I have my own room? 
Residence hall rooms are double occupancy rooms. 

Is there storage space in the residence halls? 
There is no additional storage available other than the closet in your room.

School is out; may I stay after the closing date and time?  
Residence halls open in August for the fall semester and remain open through fall break and Thanksgiving break. Residence Halls close at the conclusion of fall final exams for the Christmas break. Students who are returning for the spring semester may leave belongings in their rooms; however, it is recommended that you take meaningful valuables with you when you leave. Students who are not returning should remove all of their belongings the day they leave so that the rooms may be prepared for new students. These students must also check out of their perspective residence hall properly with the assistance of the Residence Coordinator.  Residence halls will reopen for the spring semester in January, usually a couple days after the New Year holiday.  During the spring semester, residence halls close one week for spring break. Residence halls close after the conclusion of spring final exams and graduation in May. Students must take all belongings with them at this time. Voorhees College will not be responsible for items left at the end of the spring semester. Only students enrolled in summer school, working in special programs, completing internships or working with faculty members on research projects may remain in residence halls during the summer.

What is the curfew policy? 
The campus is closed, and the residence hall doors are locked at 2 a.m. Sunday - Saturday. All students are to report to their assigned residence hall. Campus Safety and Security officers will secure the grounds at all times. If you are leaving the campus for any reason or time, you are required to sign out/in with the Residential Coordinator on duty.

Are the twin beds regular sizes or extra long?   
All the beds on campus are extra long.  Beds can be raised for storage space (by physical plant only, if requested). 

Are there any local churches? 
There is the church on campus (Voorhees Chapel), and there are several churches in the area located near the campus. 

Are there local banks around? 
There are several banks located near the college. It is suggested that while attending Voorhees you open an account with one of these banks.

Are there any hotels or motels in the area of the school? 
Yes. There are several choices located in Orangeburg, S.C which is only 30-45 minutes from campus.

May I bring my vehicle to campus?
Students are allowed to bring vehicles on campus but are required to follow the Campus Safety and Security vehicle policy and procedure.

What if I need disabled persons accommodations?  
Accommodations for disabled persons should be communicated to the Admissions Office upon applying to the College. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Dean of  Student Affairs @ 803-780-1269 or the Office of Residential Life and Housing @ 803-780-1261.

Will the college pay for property loss or damage in a room that results from theft or maintenance issues? 
Voorhees College is not responsible for a student’s damaged or stolen property while residing in a residence hall.  We highly recommend, however, that parents check into their  home owner’s insurance plan to see if coverage extends to their child’s residence hall room.  Additional insurance can be purchased through National Student Services, Inc. (www.nssi.com) at very reasonable rates. 

Are we allowed to have visitors of the opposite gender in our rooms?  
Voorhees College does allow students to have guests in their rooms. There is a visitation policy that must be adhered to. Dates and times of the visitation policy will be posted in your perspective residence hall.