Rules & Regulations


These general rules, regulations, policies and procedure apply to students residing in the residence halls.

Residing on Campus

  • A student who wishes to reside on campus must complete an application form and send or deliver it to the Director of Residential Life and Housing at Voorhees College.  
  • Applicants seeking accommodations on campus are required to pay a nonrefundable room deposit of $75 to be guaranteed a living space for Blantons Hall, Halmi Hall, Guerry Finlay Hall, and Battle Hall. The room deposit for our Co-ed living space Living and Learning Center is $200 and Menafee Hall is $150 with a completed financial aid assessment for second year and above students. Either money orders or cashier checks (no personal checks) should be made payable to Voorhees College and sent to the Cashier's Office; payments also can be made online.
  • After a student’s deposit has been received, he/she will be assigned a room.  
  • All traditional freshmen who reside outside of a 50-mile radius of the college are encouraged to live in the residence halls.  
  • For further details about student life, refer to the Student Handbook. 

Room Assignments 

  • Each boarding student will receive a room key or code to his/her assigned room when he/she registers for his/her room at the check in station of the assigned residence hall. Room assignments are made on a first-come basis. 
  • Students who do not obtain room assignments will be placed on a waiting list according to the payment date of their room deposits and will be assigned to rooms when vacancies occur. Because of the uncertainty of vacancies, it is the responsibility of each student on the waiting list to seek alternative housing.  
  • Students not housed on campus will be credited the room deposit to their account, and it will be held for the succeeding semester if the student re-enrolls at the college.  Room deposits will not be held for more than one academic year. 
  • Residents should keep room keys with them at all times and their lock codes private. Moreover, residents should never lend their keys or reveal the lock codes to their rooms to friends or any residents. There is a $50 replacement room key charge and a $25 lock code change charge.
  • All room assignments are made for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters) unless a resident leaves the college before the academic year ends.  Financial responsibilities for room charges begin  once a student officially checks into the residence hall and will continue until the resident officially checks out.

Room Changes

  • Reasonable requests for room changes and reassignments may be made to the Residence Coordinator during the week after the completion of registration. All room changes are approved through the Director of Residential Life and Housing.

Vacating Rooms 

Residents who wish to vacate a room for any reason will be held liable for any discrepancies and/or damages discovered in the room during the official check out procedure. The process by which a room is vacated is described below:
  • The resident must request an inspection of his/her room with the Residence Coordinator(RC).
  • The resident will then receive a copy of the withdrawal form, which will indicate any charges against him/her for damages, discrepancies or losses. Damages may include destruction of college property and/or defacing of walls and doors (graffiti, etc).
  • The resident must then return his/her room key and ID to the Residential Coordinator. Any unpaid charges remaining after the resident has departed will be placed on a HOLD List on the student's accout, which may hinder the resident from registering or receiving a transcript.

Personal Appliances 

  • Residents may not have deep fryers, skillets, grills, or other electrical appliances for cooking.  
  • Refrigerators (no larger than 3 cubic feet) and microwaves no larger than 700 watts are allowed. 
  • Radios, stereos, CD players, DVDs, VCRs, televisions and tape players may be used. However, they should not be played in a manner that would disturb roommates or neighbors. 
  • Candles/Flammable Materials/Incense: Candles, incense, oil lamps, etc., (generally anything utilizing a wick, flame, open heating element, or consuming flammable material are NOT allowed in residence hall rooms.

Room Furnishings

  • Each residence hall room is furnished with two beds, two mattresses, two chairs, two study desks, two mirrors, two dressers and closet space for each room resident.  
  • Residents may not move additional furniture into rooms from public areas or other rooms to the residence halls or remove items the college provides.  

Janitorial Services

  • Although the college provides janitorial service for the hallways, bathrooms and common areas, residents must accept the responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of their rooms and general environment at all times.  
  • All rooms must be kept clean, neat, and in sanitary condition.  
  • Residents may decorate rooms to suit their taste, but may not deface or use spray paint on walls. 

Overnight Guests 

  • Residents wishing to accommodate overnight guests must get clearance from the Director of Housing prior to the guests’ arrival. A modest charge may be levied.

Visiting Hours 

  • Guests may visit from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and 2 p.m to 2 a.m. Saturday. 
  • Residents will be held liable for the conduct of their guests and must follow the Visitation Rules and Regulations, check-in/check-out procedures, quiet hour policy, etc.  
  • All guests and non-students must leave the residence halls at 1 a.m. 
  • Campus wide lockdown curfew is 2 a.m. All residents MUST report to their assigned residence hall. 

Entering the Residence Halls

  • Residents and guests must enter through the main/front entrance only. All guest must provide identification(etc. state issused id or college id) and sign the visitation log.

Security of Residence Halls

  • All residence halls entry/exit doors will be locked at 2 a.m. nightly. 
  • To enter a residence hall after that time, the resident must present his/her identification card to Campus Security and Housing staff or use their student identification swipe card that will only provide entry to their assigned residence hall. 
  • Propping a door open is a serious offense, and the penalty for violations will be applied. 
  • No one shall loiter on the college's premises after 2 a.m. Sunday-Saturday. You must be in the residence hall or off campus by 2 a.m. Sunday-Saturday.

Fire Alarm System 

  • For the safety of residents and guests, fire alarms have been installed. 
  • Do not tamper with alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, smoke detectors or any other safety equipment.
  • All students and guests are expected to respond appropriately whenever a fire alarm is sounded. Each person is expected to observe the fire safety guidelines. Violations are issued as citations.

Exiting During Fire Alarm

Whenever an alarm is sounded. The below directions need to be followed.

  • Leave lights on in the room
  • Close and lock the door
  • All individuals must leave the building using the nearest exit
  •  Remain outside until the staff gives the all-clear sign.

Failure to leave the building in case of a fire alarm is a violation of both state and College codes. Violations are issued as citations. 


  • The College has a no solicitation policy for residence halls.  
  • No salesperson, agent, or collector should be encouraged to enter any residence hall at any time. The exception is a residence hall fund-raiser. 
  • Violators will be reported to the Director of Housing or Residence Coordinator and dealt with accordingly. 

Tobacco Free Policy

  • Smoking is prohibited in campus wide to include the residence halls.
  • In keeping with the College’s Healthy Campus Initiative, students are encouraged not to smoke. 


  • In case of any emergency, contact the Director of Housing or a Residence Coordinator or Campus Safety and Security immediately and follow the instructions posted on the back of your room door or verbally given as discussed in your residence hall meetings. 

Registration and Housing  

  • A student will not be permitted to enter campus housing until he/she has completed the registration process and is able to present a “Clearance Form/slip” from the Business Office or the Office of Residential Life and Housing. 

Important Telephone Numbers

Battle Hall - Upperclassmen Female: (803) 780-1101

Blanton Hall - Freshmen Female: (803) 780-1103

Guerry Finlay Hall - Upperclassmen Male: (803) 780-1105

Halmi Hall - Freshmen Male: (803) 780-1107

Living and Leaning Center - Co-ed Female/ Male: (803) 780-1104

Menafee Hall - Co-ed Female/ Male: (803) 780-1102

Campus Safety and Security: (803) 780-1221