Student Emergency Aid Funding



The Emergency Aid Program is designed to support students’ persistence toward degree completion by removing unforeseen financial obstacles from their path.  The program is aimed to support students in school and improve overall retention.  The emergency aid funding can provide emergency aid up to a maximum of $500 per eligible student. The student may apply multiple times, but the $500 limit is over the life of the program (not per request/academic year).

Eligible students will:

·    Be enrolled part-time or full-time in a certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree program at the time of the aid request. The program does not extend to graduate students.

·    Complete the online application provided by ECMC and upload supporting documentation of the financial need (i.e., required uninsured medical treatment, automotive repair estimate, documented notice of unexpected change in housing or utilities expense).

·    Benefit from having an expense paid with emergency aid through this program, not to exceed $500 during the life of the aid program.

·    Be enrolled during the semester in which emergency aid funds are awarded.

·    Be entitled to use of the emergency aid funds with no expectation of repayment.

Emergency aid funds may NOT:

·    Be used to cover school expenses (parking, fines, tuition, books, supplies, required tools/equipment, or any prior balances owed to the school).

·    Be released without a completed application and supporting documentation

·    Be used for any reason outside the program guidelines


Eligible students should follow the link and complete the emergency aid application through the portal.  Once a student’s application is received by a program administrator, it will be reviewed within 48 hours.  If approved, the student will be notified of next steps to receive the aid. This may include a request for additional information, document upload or contact by an administrator to gather additional information to support the emergency aid request. NO cash payments will be made directly to students. Aid will either be in the form of a Visa gift card or check payment sent directly to a third party (vendor, business) on behalf of the student.

Click HERE for the Project Success Emergency Aid Program Guidelines.