Activity Directors


Dr. Damara Hightower-Mitchell, Interim
Pathways to Academics, Career, Excellence, and Distinction (PACED)
(803) 780-1026

Ms. Charlene Johnson
Enhancing Student Success and Engagement (ESSE)
(803) 780-1039

Dr. Prince Brown

Finding Unlimited New Donor Sources (FUNDS)
(803) 780-1196

Ms. V. Diane O' Berry 

Safety & Technology Infrastructure Enhancement (STIE)
(803) 780-1142

Ms. Phyllis Thompson 
Student Enrollment Management Enhancement (SEME)
(803) 780-1023

Mr. Quincey Bellamy 
Program Administration (PA)
(803) 780-1274

Mr. Willie Jefferson
Revitalization of Facilities & Physical Infrastructure (RFPI)
(803) 780-1049