Legislation, Regulation & Guidance


Legislation, Regulation and Guidance

Legislation, Regulation and Guidance are key elements in managing federal grants. Title III, Part B Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) are funding opportunities for strengthening the following four (4) focus areas for institutions:

  1. Academic Quality – Train and develop faculty, develop curriculum, improve developmental or basic skills courses, develop academic program(s), retain and recruit faculty, increase diversity of faculty, improve average education level of faculty, change the ratio of adjunct to full time professors, change the ratio of non-academic staff to academic staff, change the ratio of the number of students to faculty, improve class size, acquire specialized accreditation, acquire teaching or research laboratory equipment (institutional or joint shared use), acquire library materials (institutional or joint shared use)
  1.  Student Services and Outcomes
    1. Student services: Counseling (peer, career, personal), tutoring and mentoring (peer, staff, faculty), student facilities (general use computer labs, study centers, tutoring centers), create and support learning communities, improve student services (i.e. financial aid distribution process, registration), improve library services (extended hours, tutoring
    2. Student Outcomes: Graduation rate, retention, persistence (i.e., fall-to-fall, basic skills to for-credit courses), increased academic achievement, happy leavers, increased number of students entering higher degree programs
  2. Fiscal Stability – Establish development office, train development staff, strengthen alumni relations, establish donor database, build capacity to attract external support, build and manage endowment, increase tuition dollars from enrollment, increase research dollars
  3. Institutional Management – Create and maintain management information system(s), develop, integrate and update database(s), staff and train an institutional research office, train and develop staff (other than teaching faculty), Library facilities (construction, renovation), improved institutional management (faculty and staff personnel management, community affairs, outreach office, recruiting), construction and renovation (classrooms, teaching labs), infrastructure for the internet