Voorhees College CECOR Cyber Security Camp (CyberPI)

The Voorhees College Consortium Enabling Cybersecurity Opportunities & Research (CECOR) Cyber Security Program was designed to provide academically focused students with an opportunity to explore their interests in the world of cybersecurity. Our primary focus is on students from the surrounding areas preparing to enter the 6th through 12th grades. 

DOE Departmental Cyber Security Program requires a training, education, and awareness program that develops and maintains cyber security competencies including threat identification and risk management throughout DOE Federal and contractor workforces that enables personnel to fulfill their responsibilities in protecting DOE information and information systems. 

Voorhees College will help educate our society through training and awareness to increase the number of knowledgeable and experienced individuals able to develop and maintain cyber security competencies. This project will strengthen high school students in their academic preparation for STEM careers, particularly Computer Science. This will increase the retention of students in the STEM fields that will ultimately enter undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools in Computer Science and the World of Cybersecurity.

  • • CECOR High School Flier (Please see your guidance counselor for flier)
  • • CECOR Application High and Middle School Students  (Please see your guidance counselor for application) 

Voorhees College Campus - Denmark, South Carolina

Session I — High School students only (Max. 20)   
Session II — Middle School students only (Max. 20)

Introductory Presentation and check-in: Science Building Auditorium 
June 18, 3pm (Session I) June 25, 3pm (Session II)

Summer Academy: Overnight Sunday-Thursday 
June 18-June 23 (Session I) June 25-30 (Session II)

Closing Ceremony: Massachusetts Hall Auditorium
June 23, 10am (Session I) June 30, 10am (Session II) 

FREE to high and middle school students (6th through 12th grades) who meet the requirements.  

Stipend may be given based on funding availability.  Attendance at all sessions is required.  Students are expected to arrive on time and participate in camp activities for full compensation.

High and middle school students with an enthusiasm for math and science and a strong mathematical aptitude are encouraged to apply.  You must be a U.S. citizen!  Use the button below to download the application PDF.

Selection is based on a composite review of the student essay, grades, and teacher recommendations. Applications must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2017. Upon acceptance, you will receive further information concerning the program.

Minorities, females, and physically-challenged students are encouraged to apply.


Barbara Nimmons

CECOR STEM Program Director
(803) 780-1166

Voorhees College

Massachusetts Hall, Room 209A
Attn: Barbara Nimmons
P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042

Email: cecor@voorhees.edu
Fax: (803) 780-1420


Electronic copies (scans/emails) or faxes received AFTER 5:00pm on May 15, 2017 will NOT be considered for the CECOR CyberPI Program!
Email is the preferred method of communication. Please insure that the email address used is valid and legible to avoid unnecessary delays.

This Program is sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) - Department of Energy.